Wednesday, June 3, 2020

PUBG Mobile Mysterious Jungle Adventure

Jungle Adventure

PUBG Mobile introduce new event in as name of "PUBG Mobile Mysterious Jungle Adventure"
From Date 1st june,2020 to 14th june,2020. In this event you get new prices, mysterious trunks, totems and jungle foods.
To find the adventure play in Erangle and Shanok.

Players can find Sanhok's hot air balloons and mount them to find Totems on Earth.
Players can interact with Totems to obtain Lost Trunks (maximum one per player per game) and take them to the Rainforest Hunt event page in the game lobby, where they can unlock for random rewards and increased opportunity for Totem parties.
Collect seven parts of the totem to replace them with the final reward.

Rewards: BP, AG, Summertime Hawaiian Shirt

New Items You Got In Jungle adventure is:

Protection Totem: Restores HP and randomly drops Med Kits and Helmets.
Hot Air Balloon: Players enter in balloon and control its altitude balloon take you out from play zone you may able to use the parachute.
Jungle Food: These edible berries grant a random buff or rebuff:  sense air drops, recover energy, or cause dizziness.
Strategy Totem: Restores Energy and randomly drops Throwables and Scopes.
Power Totem: Repairs Helmets and Vests and randomly drops Firearms and Ammo.
Collect seven Totem Fragments to exchange them for the final reward.

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