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Vizr Review 2020 - Make Your Car Ride Safe With Vizr

Today at Wicked For You Club, we bring you our exclusive Vizr Review.

Every week there are thousands of road accidents. Car accidents are very unpredictable and can happen with anyone, anytime and anywhere. An accident not only damages your car but it can be deadly for your passengers and as well as for you.

It is very easy to get distracted while driving. A small mistake can put your whole life in risk. Most people get distracted when they look into their phones while navigating.

Vizr is a device that will help you to keep your eyes on the road while navigating at the same time. Vizr gives you a heads up display which makes driving and simultaneously navigating easier for the driver.

Vizr works on all devices, it can work on all kinds of smartphones. It is compatible on iPhone as well as Windows or Android Phones.

Just mount the device on your dashboard such that you are able to see the map while driving, make sure it's within your eye range.

When you use Vizr, you’ll find that you don’t have to constantly look away or down to your phone for navigation. The route will be in front of your eyes on the windshield of the car. Vizr Review.

Know More About The Gadget In Our Vizr Review

Before we get started with our Vizr Review, I would like to highlight a few things
1.    People get distracted when they are busy talking to their fellow passengers.
2.    Loud and noisy music in your car can also distract you.
3.    Many people talk on their phones while driving. Even talking on handsfree can distract you.
4.    Driving on busy and congested roads can also distract you.
5.    Lack of sleep and stress can also lead to loss in focus while driving.

Let’s jump into our Vizr Review now.

What Is Vizr? How Does It Make My Drive Safer? (Vizr Review)

1.    Vizr allows you to keep your eyes up and front on the road while helping you with the navigation.
2.    Vizr comes with a mounting device that places your phone to the dash in one fixed position. It has a HUD that comes up on top of the phone to display you the route you’re on.
3.    You can use the fighter jet mode which is a Vizr’s built in feature. It uses vivid and eye-catching colors while navigating a simple route.
4.    There’s a trip mode too that gives you the details about your most recent trip or journey such as distance travelled, maximum speed, etc.
5.    With Vizr you don’t have to worry about taking your eyes off the road to check your Navigation Map because the route will be in front of your eyes.
6.    You can use Vizr during the day as well as during the night because the display isn’t dull or dark, instead the display is well lit and vivid so that you are able to see your route perfectly.

Features Of Vizr That Makes It An Amazing Device (Vizr Review)

To specify how helpful and efficient this device is, I must mention some of its features in this Vizr Review so that you have a precise idea of this device.

1.    Vizr Works On All Devices - Vizr works perfectly fine on all kinds of smartphones regardless of them being old or new. It supports Android as well as IOS based phones, so you don’t have to worry about the compatibility of the device. The vibrant and vivid display works well on all types of smartphones and the device will work on all sorts of cars, trucks, vans, mini buses and SUVs. It can also handle the weight of all kinds of smartphones.

2.    It’s Legal To Use Vizr While Driving - In several countries use of electronic gadgets in a moving car is prohibited such as tablets, phones or laptop, especially for the one who is driving the car. I would like to tell you that Vizr is legal in all countries because it is among those devices that won’t distract you while driving rather it will help you out in navigating your own route.

3.    Made With Sturdy Material - Vizr has been developed with premium quality, non-slip, sturdy material that won’t slip away, break or fall off so easily. It won’t leave any scratches, stains or marks on your dashboard. This device is slip resistant. The display as well as the position of the device is adjustable too.

4.    More Focus On The Road - Since the device would be on the top of your dashboard and the map display will be in front of your eyes, you won’t get distracted while navigating because with Vizr you don’t have to look down in your phone screen or hold the phone in one hand while the other hand on your steering to look into the navigation route. The app performs efficiently, you won’t experience a lag or glitch.

5.    One-Year Warranty - Vizr comes with a one year warranty offer, in case you experience some technical issues or receive a damaged product, then you can easily avail this offer and get your device exchanged for a new one. This offer lasts for one year. In case you find that Vizr is not compatible with your current smartphone then you can ask for a return and refund.

6.    Works Well In Winter And Rainy Season Too - This device works well in all climates and atmosphere. The display is bright enough to give you a clear visual of your route. Be it winter season, summer, spring or rainy season, Vizr works in all kinds of seasons.

Vizr Specification (Vizr Review)

Vizr Dimensions - 7 x 3.35 x 1 inches
Developer And Supplier - HUDWAY LLC.
Total Weight Of Vizr - 12.8 ounces
Other display features
- Wireless display on website.
Device Color - Black
All parts - Hudway Glass cradle, Slim mount, Soft Pouch, Wiping cloth, Adjustable Mount with bendable base, Quick Start Guide, Terms of Service and Warranty Card.
Model number - HG0317001

All Components Inside Vizr Box (Vizr Review)

The following are included in the package:

1.    Hudway Glass Cradle
2.    Wiping cloth
3.    Slim mount
4.    Soft Pouch
5.    Quick Start Guide
6.    Adjustable mount with bendable base
7.    Warranty and Terms of Service

Outstanding Features Of Vizr (Vizr Review)

1.    You can easily navigate on your maps.
2.    It makes your driving safe because it allows you to keep your eyes on the road.
3.    You can check your speed, navigate maps, check on traffic, & etc.
4.    Works in all kinds of cars and trucks

Can you use the device with Google Maps?

Yes, you can use all kinds of navigation apps with Vizr like Google Maps and others that are available in all types of smartphones.

Is Vizr Affordable?

At this price range, the features and quality this device delivers is top notch. All these features make Vizr worth the buy. It is sold on the website for $39.99 for a single unit, $59.99 for two and $79.99 for three.

Does Vizr really work?

Yes, it works on all kinds of cars, trucks, SUVs and etc. It also works under all weather conditions. The Vizr App is supported in all sorts of smartphones no matter how old or latest they are.

What Are Customers Saying About Vizr (Vizr Review)

People love VIZR, because it helps them out as it is a GPS device that helps them to navigate through busy roads.

People also love the eye pleasing interface that looks great and vibrant with color adjustments.

Is Vizr Affordable?

For all the readers of Vizr Review, we have got some great offers for them!

You can get your Vizr for just $39.99.

If you buy 3, then the price will be $79.99 or $26.66 per unit. So if you buy 2 Vizr, you’ll get the 3rd one for free.

The website also has a deal that lets you buy one for full price and get a second for half the retail price, which brings your total to $59.99.

You can get Free shipping in the USA but only for those who buy three or more units in a single order.

Don’t wait, visit their website now! Buy Now!

How To Use Vizr? (Vizr Review)

To make you understand how convenient this device is when it comes to it’s usage, I must highlight how to use this device in our Vizr Review.

1.    Once you receive the product take out the mounting device that has a plastic frame.

2.    Before you fix this device in your car, make sure your dashboard is clean, if not please clean it and wipe off the dust with the help of a cloth. Avoid any kind of dust or dirt.

3.    Set the device on your dashboard with the help of the sticker containing adhesive, make sure the bottom is facing down. Once you fix it just remove the strip and push it down with a gentle force so that the strip is fixed on to your dashboard.

4.    Download the Vizr app on your smartphone from Playstore or App Store. Launch the app from your smartphone, make sure you have this app on your homescreen from where it is easily accessible.

5.    Fix and adjust the screen display as per your suitability. Make sure you are sitting in your driving position while installing this device on your dashboard and while fixing its display so that you get a better perspective and a clear visual of the route map.

Is Vizr The Best Alternative? Let’s Look Into The Pros And Cons Of Using Vizr

To give you a clear picture about this device in this Vizr Review, I must also highlight the pros and cons of using Vizr in your vehicle. This will give a better idea and will allow you to decide whether you should buy the device or not.

Pros -

1. Works well with all kinds of navigation apps.
2. Vizr can be used in all kinds of cars, trucks, vans and SUVs.
3. This device works on all smartphones no matter how new or old the smartphone is.
4. Increases the level of safety by decreasing the chances of getting distracted.
5. It comes with a helpful mobile app that works on all Android, IOS and Windows Phones.
6. It makes navigation easier. You don’t need another passenger to guide you with the navigation map. The map will be displayed in front of your eyes above the dashboard.


1. A few customers have said that Vizr was not compatible on their device. But the proportion of these negative reviews were found to be very few in numbers.

2. While you are reading this Vizr Review, there are huge chances that the device can go Out Of Stock!

3. This device is really popular and can go off the shelf anytime soon. So don’t wait, order now!

Where To Buy Vizr (Vizr Review)

Click on the link to place your order now. Your Vizr  will be delivered to your doorstep.

There are a few websites that are offering deals and discounts but we recommend you to buy the device directly from their authentic and official Vizr website to get a top notch buying experience.

Click on the link to check out their official website.

We make sure that when you make a purchase, your buying experience stays top notch. No stress, only hassle-free shopping.

Click to order Vizr now and avail these bonus discounts. You can directly visit their website and place your order too.

Manufacturer of the Product

VIZR heads-up display is developed and supplied by a very popular US manufacturer FIXD Automotive, based in Georgia.

The company has a website by the name For further details you can reach out to their customer care support by calling at +1 925-854-1766.

Vizr Company Location -
FIXD Automotive, Inc.
75 5th St NW STE 2190
Atlanta, GA 30308-1019

Concluding Our Vizr Review

Vizr is a device that will help you to keep your eyes on the road while navigating at the same time. Vizr gives you a heads up display which makes driving and simultaneously navigating easier for the driver.

Vizr works on all devices, it can work on all kinds of smartphones. It is compatible on iPhone as well as Windows or Android Phones.

Just mount the device on your dashboard such that you are able to see the map while driving, make sure it's within your eye range.

When you use Vizr, you’ll find that you don’t have to constantly look away or down to your phone for navigation.

The route will be in front of your eyes on the windshield of the car. This makes your driving safe and secured. It will help you to drive with more focus. I feel this device is a must buy for all drivers! Don’t wait, Hurry! Stocks Are Limited. Go Buy Now!


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